the Seneca Alumni Association also approved plans to establish a new organizational structure

Fitness and Health Promotion Ontario College Diploma Award #: A159 All registered day students at Seneca College are encouraged to apply for a MILE course

"Seneca College is committed to take whatever action is necessary to prevent any member of the College community from being in a position that causes their personal safety and/or security to be at risk Working collaboratively and building networks around teaching and learning faculty will continually explore, integrate and evaluate teaching strategies as they ask themselves: "How am I inspiring learning" and "How do I know?" Award #: B200

Maria Antonieta Gonzalez 4 - There is no storage space available for Contractors In this course students gain a thorough understanding of sanitation principles and programs and on developing an appreciation for the causes and effects of unsanitary conditions, how to resolve them, and how to maintain a sanitary plant



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