Prerequisite(s): ERS101

James Andrews Students are seen on a voluntary basis

Ensure customer service training adheres to AODA accessibility standards In October, more than 25 Seneca students from the Seneca Leadership Program participated in Seneca Serves, a campus-wide community service learning experience An Indigenous education framework developed for presentation to the Seneca Aboriginal Education Council

Graduates with a minimum 2 0 G Increase in recruitment efforts in diversified markets Coats, purses, backpacks, and other personal belongings are not permitted in the testing room ensuring general awareness and accessibility to the Art Collection;

If a department or work area does not have, or is not in close proximity to a kitchen, kitchenette or staff lounge area, the supervisor in control of that area should consult with Facilities Management Prerequisite(s): Current Police Reference Check for entire placement time, Field Placement I, ABS100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 200, 201, 202, & 203, a current completed Seneca Medical Form, Non-violent Crisis Prevention & Intervention (NVCPI)Certificate Training (ABS106) Support the continuous improvement of service systems and processes by considering the impact of economic, political, social, global, and intercultural factors to inform the development of service strategies, knowledge of consumer behaviour, and loyalty programs Be sure to list any specialized skills, training, or experience that will be beneficial but not required for the position

Enhance learning services and academic supports Our Faculty 5 below



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