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Participate in the production of a three-song Demo CD for distribution through traditional and emerging internet markets Chemical Laboratory Technology, Work Term II (Work-Integrated Learning option only) Semester 5 Course Name Hrs/Wk BPH633 Biopharmaceuticals 3 PHC533 Pharmaceutical Calculations 6 PHM633 Pharmaceutical Microbiology 5 PPF633 Pharmaceutical Product Formulations 5 PYM633 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 5 Semester 6 Course Name Hrs/Wk CMI533 Chemical Instrumentation 6 PAC633 Organic Chemistry 6 PHA533 Pharmaceutical Analysis - Advanced 5 PHT533 Pharmacology and Applied Toxicology 6 PHY453 Physics 3 XXXXXX General Education Option 3 Note: The following course will not fulfill a General Education requirement: NAT280 The recipient will have a minimum GPA 2

The College is responsible for advising, through the Director of College Services, all employees, students, clients and residents of potential threats to their personal safety as soon as possible For work to be performed on or about a leased building, or portions thereof, that may be performed only by the leaser Effectively market financial products through the development of an inventory of prospective clients, following up with individual sales strategies in pursuit of new and renewal business to 1:35 p

In order to provide their members with leading edge tools to assist Canadians during career development, CPC has partnered with Charmaine Johnson in the School of School of Media at Seneca College to provide hypnosis delivered by video conferencing as a method to reduce and manage anxiety of the job hunt…more September 2012 Implementation of student-centered counselling and disabilities and health centre models On Monday, April 4, more than 50 Senecans took part in the King Campus master planning workshop, offering their expansion designs for the Campus, while prioritizing it’s natural beauty and environmental stewardship Although the vast majority of our students are successful in completing the testing, those students who may be unsuccessfully in the physical portion of the test may be required to withdraw from the program until they are able to successfully complete the testing Established in 2011, ONCAT was created to enhance student pathways and reduce barriers for students looking to transfer among Ontario’s 45 publicly-funded postsecondary institutions

In Progress: Ongoing analysis of current faculty development programs Progressive lenses may be thought of as no line bifocals, providing seamless changes of prescription from distance to reading correction The pins, recognizing outstanding constituents in MPs’ ridings, were minted from the old copper roof from Parliament Hill – 11:00 p



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