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Biotechnology Advanced, Work Term II (Work-Integrated Learning option only) Semester 6 Course Name Hrs/Wk BPH633 Biopharmaceuticals 3 VIR673 Virology 5 MOB673 or OCA303 This foundational course introduces students to the ACAF Method, which is the problem-solving approach used throughout the applied courses

In order to ensure that electronics have been shut off and that the content of the plastic bag does not interfere with a student's exam, plastics bags will be inspected by Test Centre staff 01 Include detailed course outline English Assessment and Placement

Airline Pilot Flight Operations (GC) Before you use your OneCard for financial transactions, please follow these steps to create a personal PIN number: Make final decisions on recommended solutions King Campus GH2092 416 Support flight operations by applying the principles of aircraft design and performance, and operating procedures



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