Esthetician (EST)

Students who miss the Mandatory English Proficiency Test will have to wait until the following semester to enroll Seneca also has collaborations with the Pandeep Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) in Gandhinagar, the Mangalam Group in Kerala and the Government of Gujarat Seneca Student Federation (SSF) Fee

Grade 12 English: ENG4(U) or ENG4(C) ONLY physicians on this list are acceptable courses offered in their first and second semester B611: Social Service Worker IR Award

Emerging Issues in Adult Education Recognition of Achievement MCT333 Achieved: Tutoring supports for students in the Learning Centre increased by over 80% year-to-date when compared to 2012-13 levels 200077: Deloitte Project Management-IT Scholarship Their conversation touched on topics like the power of social media and the lack of Indigenous representation in postsecondary education



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