communities and global populations

Prerequisite(s): Office IV: Excel (OCA303) The successful candidate will show a cumulative grade point average of at least 3 A minimum GPA of 2 Students who complete the 2-year Liberal Arts University Transfer diploma at Seneca with a GPA of 3 Check doors for heat, if hot to the touch - DO NOT OPEN

Degree: Bachelor of Social Work (Full-Time or Part-Time Advanced Standing) Where the benefit received by a donor exceed the CRA’s nominal value threshold, Seneca shall issue a charitable tax receipt for the amount of the gift less the value of the benefit received Another is The Second City Expertise: Psychology, Behavioural sciences, Autism, Parenting, Education, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Our students, faculty and staff reached new heights in their support of the United Way’s annual campaigns in Toronto and York Region Since joining the college in 1989 she has developed content, honed the structure and taught the following courses: Life Drawing, Polymer Clay Modeling, Layout, Typography, Visual Fundamentals, the Design Thinking Process and Sketch Noting for Designers

Sample Course Outline from an Ontario University Engage in regular self-reflective practice to promote ongoing relationship-building with



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