Ceremony 8

Animation/Digital Animation DCP240 Alumnus Lalith Gunaratne was nominated for this year’s Premiere Awards 2017 in the technology category for his commitment to sustainable power and efforts internationally and now in Canada Disorderly persons will not be allowed access to licensed premises School of Environmental & Civil Engineering Technology - CVB, CVL/C, CVM, CVB, CVTB/M, EMT/C, ESM, ETM, PME

Upon approval, a designated label will be applied to the unit to signify that Facilities Management has approved the appliance In addition, external consultants (e This final field placement extends the student's understanding of the role of the ECE resource consultant Divisional alumni events held as part of the Pillar Sponsorship program

In circumstances where spaces have special uses or purposes, Supervisors may request a variance in the application of this policy Room M280 Please make every effort to schedule personal commitments outside of classroom hours as absences may jeopardize your ability to successfully pass the course She also has vast experience in the university and private sectors Supportive Care – Holistic care delivered to the client by the personal support worker which is characterized as client-centred, client-directed and culturally sensitive



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