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This discount offer is available to new first-time customers of LIFE-3/HONEYWELL Enrolment is always on a course-by-course basis rather than by program - this gives you the freedom to decide how many courses you register for and when, in accordance with their availability and prerequisite requirements You may transfer to another class if space is available, by requesting a transfer through the Registrar's Office by email (ptreg@senecacollege

, is developing a new method for measuring metabolic by-products excreted through human sweat glands Evaluate Introduction to Seneca Studies course and expand delivery as appropriate Offered through individual appointments or group learning sessions to focus on grammar, academic writing, conversation, and pronunciation 2981

30,000 full-time students annually Algonquin College A202: SSF International Student Award Merissa graduated from the Nursing program in 2003 and landed a career in nursing, however, her years as a student weren’t over Organizations must ensure that the terms and conditions built into the RFSQ contain specific language that disclaims any obligation on the part of the organization to call on any supplier to provide goods or services as a result of the pre-qualification



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