Achieved: 11 new research grant applications submitted including four approved; one declined and six under review

Police Foundations Ontario College Diploma Students often stay in residence to take this course The group decides how they want their donation to be used, based on the needs identified by Seneca The workshops helped me enhance the skills I learned at Seneca Bonnet@senecacollege

Supportive and passionate faculty Carlos Bulosan Theatre has really helped me become a better performer overall If you do not pay your fees before the expiry date, your offer will expire (be cancelled) measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update Replace aging information technology infrastructure, including network equipment and operational systems

University of Queensland, Australia Graduates seeking TESL Ontario accreditation and TESL Canada Standard 2 accreditation must apply directly to TESL Ontario and TESL Canada The 2016-17 Business Plan reflects Seneca’s commitment to quality and success Award: Mary James Dawson Memorial Bursary

The College has designated gender-neutral washrooms that are available for students, staff and visitors at our Markham, Newnham and Seneca@York campuses Mediators shall be designated after consultation with the local union(s), student federation council(s) and administration of the College We encourage you to contact Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training to see whether you are eligible for monthly transportation costs (TTC), bursaries, books and supplies Understand connotation and denotation



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