Ensure all P-Card holder statements with supporting documentation are received and reconciled within the deadlines stated in section 5 Course Outlines:

Individuals with severe speech-language impairments due to: autism, global developmental delays, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or other neurodegenerative conditions, often need an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system to compensate for their challenges with communication If Seneca receives your post-secondary (college or university) transcripts before you attend your meeting, we can provide you with a conditional Offer of Admission It’s truly a home for our Indigenous students

Current immunization report and report of chest x–ray or tuberculin skin test 50 SSF Build Fund $25 Licensing Agreements 25 50

Soaring to new heights The School of Aviation and Flight Technology’s move to a custom facility in Peterborough was the start of a new chapter in the School’s celebrated history Five Social Science related credits at the postsecondary level The recipient will be selected by the Seneca College awards committee When entering locked buildings or spaces, responsible for re-securing all doors



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